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Hand crank coffee grinder conical burr



Produced by 6-axis CNC Machine. This hand crank coffee grinder is produced by 6-axis CNC machine, which have small tolerance and high precision, especially the high-precision grinding core and bearings are made in Japan. The coffee powder you grinded is uniform in thickness, with very little fine powder. So you can make good cup of coffee no matter by french press or pour over coffee maker. Double-bearing center shaft structure, the positioning is more accurate, grinding faster and more labor-saving.

S136 Stainless Steel Conical Burr. This hand crank coffee grinder comes with S136 stainless steel. It is very hard and sharp, and can cut coffee beans easily and efficiently. Different sizes and depths of blades successively cut and grind coffee beans in different levels. It can well improve the uniformity of the powder, and reduce the generation of fine powder. The cutting and grinding process will not produce high temperature, and can maintain the original aroma and taste of the coffee beans.

Good choice coffee tool. This coffee grinder is easy to clean, you can use brush and dust blower for cleaning. Do not use water or any detergent to clean. Small size and Lightweight, eary to carry, you can make a cup of fresh, rich and smooth coffee when you want to drink, no matter where you are in.


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