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Hand coffee grinder aluminum manual coffee grinder



Portable design. As a coffee lover, you know that grinding your coffee beans just before you brew your coffee is the only way you’ll capture the coffee’s full flavor and aroma in your brews. Big electric grinders work well at home, but when you’re on the go, you need something more portable. For example, you need a Hand coffee grinder. We’d like to introduce this grinder for you. It is 30g capacity, which could grind coffee powder for brew enough coffee for 2-4 persons to drink. So you could share coffee with your friends during travelling.

Quality Of Material. There are 2 kinds of burrs here as theythat go through the most stress, steel or ceramic. This Hand coffee grinder comes with S136 stainless steel conical burr. Consider stainless steel burrs if you are traveling as they are durable and easy to clean.

Number Of Grind Settings. It is important to have a grinder with adjustable grinding settings. It’s no good to have something that ‘just grinds’, you’ll need something that grinds to different tastes to make the best coffee. Our grinder comes with adjustable grinding selector, so you could set the grinding thickness according to your needs. For example, grind finer coffee powder for moka coffee and grind coarser coffee powder for french press coffee.


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