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Hand brewing coffee maker ceramic server


Perfect coffee maker set. It is a premium Hand brewing coffee maker with a modern and elegant look, and also includes everything you need to make a flavorful coffee. Including ceramic v60 dripper, heat-resistant serving pot. This exquisite set will give you an unparalleled experience! Pour over brewers offer much more. Use specialty coffee, complete control over the brew, a buy-it-for-life coffee brewer friend, focus, gratitude, and clarity.


Few minutes to make coffee. The pour over brewing process only takes few minutes to make coffee. It just takes a little practice (and probably a few sub-par cups of coffee) before you’ll get it just right. You must heat the water, add the filter and grounds and pour water consistently for several minutes. For pour over fanatics, the technique becomes a ritual.


DIY COFFEE WITH FUN: This Hand brewing coffee maker comes with a large single hole of the filter cone brew quickly & smoothly, a perfect balance between seep and flow, you can change coffee taste according the speed of water flow and control how strong the coffee is by the amount of coffee powder, fineness of the grind, temperature and amount of water, so your coffee is brewed just the way you like it.


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