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Hand brew coffee kit share pour over coffee set



Premium hand brew coffee kit set. This hand brew coffee kit set is definitely a favorite gift for coffee lovers. There are following products in this set. 1*600ml stainless steel kettle with wooden handle, 1*ceramic V60 dripper, 1*600ml server with woodle lid. 1*30g manual grinder, 2*230ml cups, 1*coffee scale with timer, 1*304 SLS spoon, 1*paper filter.  All these items pack into a leather suitcase. Whether it is practicality or aesthetics, this product exceeds your expectations.

Why do we develop this hand brew coffee kit set? We all know that there are more and more hand brewed coffee lovers. Many people are no longer limited to brewing coffee at home. When they go out, they also want to enjoy a cup of delicious coffee, or enjoy the scenery with friends and family. At the same time, also enjoy a quiet and elegant coffee time. Therefore, we launched this kit set. Whether it is a short or long trip, you can safely carry the coffee ware. As long as you put this kit set in the trunk of the car, the aroma of coffee will linger wherever you go.

High-end gift option. This kit set is a very high-end packaging method, so it is very suitable for gift giving. Not only can be used as a retail product for coffee lovers, but also as a high-end gift to the company’s distinguished guests. If you are a real estate company, an automobile company, or a cosmetics company, this coffee set is definitely an ideal annual commemorative gift. The company LOGO can be customized, so that when your distinguished guests use this coffee set to make coffee every day, they can see the company’s LOGO, which is a good marketing method.


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