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Grinder coffee professional manual coffee maker



A colorful decoration for your home. Compared with the single color of coffee grinder on the market, this Grinder coffee professional manual coffee maker has seven colors avaliable,including black,white,red, yellow, green, blue and gray. You can choose the color you like, make your kitchen more vivid.

High-quality materials. This Grinder coffee professional manual coffee maker is made of fine 304 stainless steel conical burr. So it is very easy to clean and can serve for a long time without losing its modern appearance. Moreover,the body of this coffee grinder with high quality aluminum alloy which looks luxury and elegant.

Enjoy Fresh Coffee Whenever. As we all know, coffee bean is the factor that impact the taste of coffee mostly. So with this luxury and gorgeous coffee grinder, you can brew coffee whenever you want, and make a great cup of fresh coffee.

Adjustable grinding selector. For french press coffee, we need coarse coffee ground. For pour over coffee, we need finer coffee ground. And for moka coffee, more finer coffee ground is good for coffee taste. Therefore, you will need a grinder with adjustable grinding selector. This grinder comes with built-in an adjustable grind selector with over 12 click settings. So that ensures you have 100% precise control over the coarseness of your pour over, drip, cold brew, French press, percolator, Espresso, perfect grind every time!


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