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gooseneck kettle with thermometer for pour over coffee



Is a gooseneck kettle worth it? Of course it does worth!

A gooseneck kettle, when used correctly, gives you greater control of flow rate and lets you be more precise with where you are pouring the water on the bed of grounds. It also makes brewing easier. You can control your flow rate by gently tilting your wrist forward or backwards. So, let’s go throught details of the gooseneck kettle with thermometer one by one.

1. Premium quality material made to last.

This gooseneck kettle with thermometer features premium 304 food-grade stainless steel, and made with Three-layer composite base, it certainly keeps your kettle rust-free and long life use. This minimal and sleek matte finish kettle is always beautiful.

2. Gooseneck spoun design gives you greater control of flow.

The unique gooseneck outlet is designed for easier pouring and complete control over water distribution. The shape and stream of water flowing through grinds ultimately affect the kind of extraction one will achieve. So this gooseneck kettle with thermometer is a good coffee gear no matter for barista in coffee shop or brew at home like pro.

3. Removable thermometer helps you use right tempreture to make coffee.

If you want to know exactly tempreture, then you could put thermometer on the lid to give you something to look at while you’re waiting for the water to boil. Ensuring you boil water to the precise temperature (195-205°F) every time, and eliminates the guesswork or post-boil countdowns.

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