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Gooseneck coffee kettle stainless steel water pot



Important for hand brewing coffee. When I didn’t know about hand brewing coffee, I thought that Gooseneck coffee kettle stainless steel water pot are not so important. After I studied more, I realized that a good hand brewing pouring kettle is very important for the whole coffee brewing. Because during the brewing process, the steady flow of water has a great influence on the coffee flavor. So a good pouring kettle is important for hand brewing coffee.

Coffee And Tea Delight. DHPO has designed the pouring kettle for those with a refined palate for their coffee or tea. A unique kettle gooseneck design with perfect curvature for slow, controlled water flow, to extract maximum flavor from your beverage. Use with the pouring kettle to slowly brew the traditional way and embrace your inner barista.

Big capacity and safe material. This Gooseneck coffee kettle stainless steel water pot comes with 600ML capacity, so it is suitable for hand brewing coffee and match with our 600ML pour over coffee maker is perfect for your daily coffee brewing. This coffee kettle is made of food grade 304 stainless steel, do not produce chemicals when exposed to hot water. The materials are not only durable, but also safe.


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