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AURORA XS GLASS pour over coffee maker 2022 New Coffee Gear



The AURORA XS GLASS pour over coffee maker that straddles the line between a pour-over in function and a French press in flavor. Made entirely of glass and as functional as it is beautiful. It includes a permanent ultra fine stainless steel filter, so flavors won’t be absorbed by the paper and you won’t have to keep buying replacement filters.

According to Rahmil, it takes 1.5 million trees to make the 275 billion coffee filters produced every year, and the average coffee drinker discards 25,000 filters at a cost of $6,500 in his or her lifetime. So not only does the AURORA XS GLASS deliver a bold and convenient cup of coffee, it also makes we feel like we’re doing my part for the planet.

About the product.

Name: XS coffee kettle
Material: High borosilicate glass,
capacity: 550ML
Size: 135MM*195MM

What features of this AURORA XS GLASS pour over coffee maker?

1. Double walled glass design/heat insulation and anti-scalding
2. Perfect fit with stainless steel filter, more convenient for brewing
3. Intimate size selection to meet a variety of capacity needs
4. Smooth water flow, neat water cut off
5. Easy to clean. Can be washed in the dishwasher

AURORA XS GLASS coffee maker is the key to making richer, bolder coffee from the comfort of your home. Its design-led aesthetic is a stylish addition to any kitchen. What’s more, it’s the resulting full-bodied, smooth tasting coffee with a robust aroma that will win coffee lovers’ heart.

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