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French Press With Timer


Model No.: CPA600-05A
Product name: High-fired ceramic French press
Description: High-fired ceramic pot+304 SLS plunger+hourglass timer+wooden lid+wooden handle
Size: D85*H171MM
Capacity: 600ml


Advantage to the French press. It retains more of the natural oils from the coffee grounds. Because a French Press With Timer does not use a filter like a drip coffee machine does. So the natural flavor of the coffee grounds is not filtered out and goes directly into your cup of coffee. French press is portable design. Because it does not rely on electricity, and its size is generally quite small. So the French press can easily be packed away and taken with you on camping adventures, road trips, or wherever your life takes you!

French press with timer. Use DHPO French press with timer brews a premium cup of Coffee in just 4 minutes, simply add course ground Coffee, hot water and press. You don’t need to check the clock or phone, this french press comes with a glass timer inside its wooden handle. Take out your coffee mug, wait for 4 minutes for good coffee!

Stainless steel filter. Food grade stainless steel plunger has a extra fine mesh filter that helps extract your coffee’s aromatic oils and subtle flavors instead of being absorbed by a paper filter. And this filter is very easy to clean, just wash it with water.

Unique design. This French Press features high-fired ceramic and wooden lid. It’s a good combination. As we know, ceramic is one of the best material in the world to brew coffee and tea. Because it can keep functional and appreas even after long time use. Original wood is health and eco-friendly as well.

Additional information

Weight 1.35 kg
Dimensions 23.5 × 12.5 × 23.5 cm


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