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French Press Stainless Steel Double Walled


Model No.: CPA1000-05A
Product name: Doule walled SLS French press
Description: Double walled 304 SLS pot+hourglass timer+wooden handle+304 SLS plunger
Size: D100*H185MM
Capacity: 1000ml


Won’t break. Alongside solid filtration and easy cleaning (it all comes apart very quickly), the favorite feature is its durability. We recieved a lot of comments like this for our French Press Stainless Steel. Users always worry they will break glass or ceramic french press. This French press is made of double-wall stainless steel material. It is very durable. It comes in large size 1000ml, suitable for share coffee with big family. Plus, it’s available in 7 colors, including Black, Blue, red, yellow and more. It is one of the best seller in 2021!

What coffee is good for french press. When it comes to choosing the right coffee for French Press Stainless Steel brewing, it really depends on your preference and how much time you want to commit to making a cup of joe. Some people prefer grinding whole beans as pre-ground coffee is more likely to seep through a filter and leave behind sediment. If you buy coffee bean and storage them in a coffee canister. Coffee beans will be as fresh as the first day you bought them! For the thickness of coffee grounds, it should be middle coarse grind. By using a coffee grinder with adjust grinder selector, then you could control the coffee grounds’ thickness.

Additional information

Weight 1.25 kg
Dimensions 25 × 23 × 13 cm


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