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2022 new design DHPO French press coffee brewers


Model No.: CPA600-06A
Product name: Duke French press
Description: High-fired ceramic pot+wooden lid+304 SLS plunger+silicone handle
Size: D95*H197MM
Capacity: 600ml


Many people love a great cup of coffee in the morning. Really, what I should say is that I need a great cup of coffee in the morning. That’s why so many coffee lovers enjoy it too. Pair your French Press Coffee with something sweet like Strawberry Scones and you will be in breakfast heaven. Learn how to use French press coffee brewers to make smooth, rich, delicious coffee at home. It takes a bit longer to make coffee using a French press, but it’s actually much easier than you might think. The resulting cup of joe is totally worth the few extra minutes of time.

I think once you learn how to use French press coffee brewers you’ll be able to enjoy really good, delicious coffee every day!

Duke French Press, affordable luxury coffeeware from DHPO coffee gears supplier.

There are 8 colors of this Duke French Press, black, marble finish, gray, red, yellow, blue, green and a glass one. This product is made of composite materials including stainless steel, ceramic, and glass.

The size is 95*197mm, capacity is 600ml.

This Duke French press comes with bionic design of eagle beak. The diversion mouth design provides smooth water outlet so you don’t need to worry the coffee will drips on the table.

The Duke French press features an ergonomic grip which is more delicate and comfortable while you using it.

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