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Wholesale coffee bean electric grinder kit set at DHPO grinder factory


Home brewing trend is very popular nowadays.

Many factors effect the coffee taste, and the freshness of the beans is among the most important. Grinding your own beans before each brew ensures the freshest flavor and allows you to easily control the grind size, a key selling point whether you opt for fine grinds for espresso machines, medium for drip coffee makers or coarse, for those who prefer using a French press or making cold brew. Therefore, DHPO launched this new King Kong electric grinder kit set for wholesale and retail.

With this electric grinder kit set, making pour over coffee will be very easy. You could take it for travel and don’t need to worry if ceramic coffeewares will get broken easily. All coffeeware items are well packed with premium leather box. And the high-end gift box makes this kit set a perfect gift option for birthday gift, wedding gift and other holiday gifts.

What’s inside the electric grinder kit set?
Electric grinder. This grinder comes with space aluminum for main body, magnetic lid and bottom allows easy returning and operation. And with one button operation, it’s very convenient to handle and user-friendly.
Ceramic dripper. This dripper is made of high-fired ceramic which is a clean, healthy and natural material. For its durablity, so it can serve for a long time with out losing its functional quality and appearance. And the matt ceramic makes it appeas high end.
300ml coffee mug. A simple but elegant design, this reusable coffee cup is made of food grade ceramic, design with ample space, ideal weight, durable wooden handle.
Paper filter and sls spoon.

If you want to make customized coffeewares, so welcome to send inquiry to DHPO ceramic coffee jar factory. Besides, we have a teaware brand–MUG, provide high quality teawares for you!


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