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DHPO travel coffee kit luxury suitcase coffee kit



No compromise to bad coffee . It is almost impossible for a caffeinated mind to have a good day without a good cup of coffee. Being on the road is not an excuse for most coffee aficionados to miss their much-needed dose of coffee. Thanks to this premium DHPO travel coffee kit, you have a chance at having the best cup of coffee, exactly how you like it when traveling. Travel coffee kits are highly sought after and with so many options on the market. We are so happy to develop this suitcase coffee kit to coffee lovers.

All you need for hand brew coffee. Open the suitcase of DHPO travel coffee kit . Take out the coffee grinder and grind coffee bean to suitable thickness for pour over coffee. And then add coffee grounds to filter which is preheated, put it in ceramic dripper. Use long gooseneck kettle, start pour hot water to make coffee with three-stage brewing method. (Hot water about 90℃) Of course, the coffee maker should be placed on a scale with timer, so that you can control how much water you should use and the time for dripping. Just 3 minutes, you get a pot of aroma coffee, share it with your friend by the ceramic cups from the coffee kit!

Great news is this coffee kit features with fabric suitcase and leather suitcase, you have more options~


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