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DHPO French press supplier new design French press


Model No.: CPA600-06A
Product name: Duke French press
Description: High-fired ceramic pot+wooden lid+304 SLS plunger+silicone handle
Size: D95*H197MM
Capacity: 600ml


Second only to the Drip Machine in popularity according to a survey of coffee lovers, the French Press is a manual brew method. Which makes delicious, rich, full-bodied coffee. From this, you can imagine that the market demand for French presses is very large, and of course, the competition for selling French presses is also very large. How to get a place in the fierce market competition? Choose the new DUKE French Press from DHPO French press supplier!

First of all, in terms of appearance, it is different from the common French press pots on the market, and the design is more unique.

Secondly, it uses a variety of composite materials, including a ceramic body, a metal base and handle, a wooden lid, and a stainless steel orifice inside.

What’s more, this new product comes in 7 different colors, giving your customers more choices and enriching your store’s SKUs.

Apart from the product itself, DHPO French press supplier is a very trusted partner.

We have many core advantages, ensure a worry-free purchase for you.

Quick communication. Quick response, professional and comprehensive product solutions, making communication easier.

Accurate positioning. Accurately find the product style or demand you want, and implement an efficient production process.

Design service. Offer senior designer one-to-one service and 3D modeling service, 3D printing services, provide the required design service requirements efficiently and quickly.

Professional team. Professional foreign trade service team and engineering technical team to provide you with full solution.

Want to know more benefits you could get when you working with DHPO? So welcome to send inquiry to our team via email info@dhpodesign.com!


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