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DHPO brand French press for wholesale and retail


Model No.: CPA600-06A
Product name: Duke French press
Description: High-fired ceramic pot+wooden lid+304 SLS plunger+silicone handle
Size: D95*H197MM
Capacity: 600ml


French Press existence for over a hundred years, the French Press produces a flavorful, strong, and superior coffee within minutes in any location and under any circumstance. Thanks to its press pot design, the user has complete control over extraction and steeping time of the coffee. Easy to use and carry, find more advantages from DHPO brand French Press for wholesale and retail.

The size is 95*197mm, capacity is 600ml. A French press with most commonly used capacity. No matter for make coffee for yourself or share coffee with friends, this French press is perfect.

This DHPO brand French press comes with bionic design of eagle beak. The diversion mouth design provides smooth water outlet so you don’t need to worry the coffee will drips on the table.

In order to brew good coffee, the coffee powder is also very important. Coffee lovers all know fresh coffee is a key for good coffee. A manual coffee grinder is highly recommend item as well. You could use it to grind coarser coffee powder for your pot of French press coffee.

Brewing with French PressNow that your hot water has been added and poured evenly over the coarsely ground coffee, you are ready to add the lid and filter of the French Press which will retain the heat of the water. While the plunger may be protruding precariously from the top of the French Press, resist your urge to plunge it…the time is not yet right! You must first let your coffee steep for 3 to 4 minutes. At this time, the hot water is releasing the coffee ground’s flavor and body into your brew.

Can’t wait to take a sample of DHPO brand French press and prepare for sales? Welcome to contact DHPO sales team and get more information about this 2022 new design French Press!


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