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Conical burr grinder with adjustable grinding selector



A Fun To Grind Coffee Bean. When grinding coffee beans, there is always a kind of aromatic scent wafting out. It is a kind of enjoy when the whole kitchen is full of smell of coffee. Start to brew coffee at home with this Conical burr grinder, enjoy every moment in your life. Only takes less than 1 minute to grind 20g coffee bean for french press or pour over coffee maker. So it is very easy for your coffee time.

Keep Fresh Coffee Flavor. Conical burr grinder provides professional coffee beans grinding experience. Conical burr doesn’t produce excessive friction heat, will not damage the flavor of coffee beans. If you turn the hand crank clockwise, you can feel the beans being broken and ground, release the rounded and intense flavor of the coffee beans. Enjoy the wonderful grinding experience by hand only! Best choice for coffee lover.

Convenient Manually Operated. Made of high quality stainless steel burr, the coffee bean grinder doesn’t worry about annoying wires or constantly thinking if the batteries work. Our hand grinder grinds easily so you can have perfectly ground coffee beans in a few minutes.

Why choose DHPO: Firstly, what DHPO means?
DHPO – Affordable Luxury Coffeewares.


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