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Compact size coffee kit V60 Coffee Dripper Set with Luxury Case




Customers pay for this coffee kit for all the right reasons. First off, it is luxury premium suitcase compact size coffee kit but with affordable price. It is one of the best budget options in the market. Moreover, the compact size coffee kit comes in a functional design that offers unparalleled convenience. It includes a manual grinder, a drip kettle, a set of pour over coffee maker. And a stainless steel tea infuser makes the coffee pot can be used as tea pot as well. With all these items, this coffee kit is literally everything you need to make coffee.

Make hand brewed coffee even outdoors. You only need to make sure you could have hot water, then you could use this compact size coffee kit to make coffee. No matter you are in a park, at your office or even on the mountain. There is a manual coffee grinder inside the coffee kit, it means you don’t need to rely on battery when you need to grind coffee bean. A ceramic pour over coffee set make sure to keep the warm of coffee for longer time. And ceramic material is one of the best material to make coffee or tea. Because it is after 1250℃ high temperature firing, it could withstand high temperature during daily use and won’t realease harm elements to body.

Luxury suitcase. This luxury suitcase looks premium, yet very durable with thick padding. So all the items inside the suitcase is very safe even after long time travelling.


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