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Cold coffee brew pot large capacity cold coffee maker


Model No.: CCB600-01A
Product name: Cold brew coffee maker
Description: ceramic server+wooden handle+wooden lid+304 stainless steel body+304 SLS infuser
Size: L127*W127*H249MM
Capacity: 600ml



Reasons to try cold brew coffee. Lower Acidity. Heat extracts the acid-producing oils from coffee beans. Cold brewing leaves those acids in the bean, producing a smoother coffee. Less Bitterness. Along with the acids, heat also contributes to the bitter flavors in coffee. In contrast, the cold brew method produces a naturally sweeter coffee. Freshness.If you’ve tried day-old hot brew coffee before, you know that it leaves a lot to be desired in the taste department. It may wake you up, but it can be hard to drink! Cold brew coffee can taste as fresh as the first day for up to a week. Our Cold coffee brew pot with large capacity 600ml, that means you can brew a big batch and enjoy it for days.

Easy to brew. Our Cold coffee brew pot comes with precision label to facilitate and accurately measure the ratio of coffee to water. When you put the body with ice on top of the server and add some cold water, you could cover the top and turn the switch to the left, set the drip speed you need.

Durable & Beautiful Design: This cold brew pitcher is crafted with high quality ceramic, stainless steel, designed to brew 600ml of cold coffee. Great functionality and stylish design that looks great in any kitchen or office.



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