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cold brew coffee pot cold coffee brewer


Model No.: CCB600-01A
Product name: Cold brew coffee maker
Description: ceramic server+wooden handle+wooden lid+304 stainless steel body+304 SLS infuser
Size: L127*W127*H249MM
Capacity: 600ml



Cold brew coffee become popular. You’ve seen this cold brew coffee trend the last several years. Yet cold brew coffee is almost twice the price as iced coffee at the local coffee shop. What makes cold brew coffee so special anyway? Well, there’s the less watered-down taste of course. To do that, this higher-end chilly coffee retains its integrity in one main way: The coffee is brewed in cold (or room temperature) water, rather than hot water. You can try to make cold coffee with DHPO cold brew coffee pot.

Amazing coffee flavor. Zero expertise to make your own cold coffee. Fermentation to obtain a fresh coffee flavor liquid under the action of slow drops of ice water. In short, you only need to pour coffee powder and ice cubes, leaving the rest of the time. Then you will get delicious coffee made by this cold brew coffee pot.

Large capacity. This dripper iced coffee brewer maker can produce 4-6 cups of cold coffee, large enough to serve your family for daily coffee support.

Adjust rate valve-complete extraction. Adjustable dripper enables accurate control of the speed of ice water drops so you can control the time and the flavor according to your preference. This dripper iced coffee brewer maker takes 3-4 hours to make coffee. Once all the ice is dripping, you will get silky, refreshing coffee.


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