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Cold brew coffee maker ceramic coffee kit


Model No.: CCB600-01A
Product name: Cold brew coffee maker
Description: ceramic server+wooden handle+wooden lid+304 stainless steel body+304 SLS infuser
Size: L127*W127*H249MM
Capacity: 600ml



Cold brew benefits. Less acidic, a study made by Toddy indicates that cold brew is 50-67% less acid than regular brewed coffee. This is not to say that acidity is a bad thing, some people like the flavor brought by acidity. More antioxidants, recent studies show that green coffee beans contain many antioxidants. The problem is that high-temperature exposure destroys many of these antioxidants. So, between the roasting process and hot brewing, most of the benefits of coffee are lost. Cold Brewing does not destroy these antioxidants so it remains a healthier beverage. If you want to enjoy the benefits of cold brew coffee, you must have this Cold brew coffee maker.

Easy To Use. Simply add coffee and water, brew fast or slow, depends on how you set the speed(2-12h) and enjoy fresh iced coffee in the morning. Then you could enjoy freshly day with this coffee maker.

Safe To Use. Food grade high quality ceramic material serving pot, black matt 304 stainless steel body luxury and durable design. This cold-brew coffee maker is freezer safe and heat resistant up to 120℃, safe for hot and cold beverages.

Lifttime quality guarantee. This cold-brew coffee maker is choose with confidence. Detailed brewing instructions and product use recommendations are included in the package. – Warm gift choice for father, mother, friend, boyfriend or girlfriend.


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