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Stainless steel and glass Cold brew coffee maker factory


Model No.: CPA500-01A
Product name: Mini Cold brew coffee maker
Description: High borosilicate glass body+304 sls outframe+wooden lid
Size: D73*327MM
Capacity: 500ml


Let’s see the details of cold brew coffee maker from Cold brew coffee maker factory.

Cold brew coffee, if you make it right, is simply divine. Sadly, it almost always tastes better at the coffee shop or from a bottle. That’s because brewing it at home can be incredibly tricky. Love cold brew coffee, but not crazy about the mess? Our Brew Cold Brew Coffee Maker simplifies the cold-brew process to deliver smooth, low-acid coffee concentrate. Just add grounds and water to the Coffee Maker, then steep overnight. The result? Coffee concentrate at the cup.

The DHPO cold coffee brewer evenly distributes water over the grounds, you could store it in your fridge, and the ultra-fine stainless steel mesh filter is reusable and easy to clean. The Coffee Maker comes apart for cleaning and nests nicely when not in use. Can also brew tea.

Very easy to use. When you have DHPO cold coffee brewer, you just need to follow below steps, then you will have a pot of fresh coffee with full flovar.

1. Take the upper part off
2. Add coarse ground coffee into coffee powder bin
3. Add ice into upper part
4. Put upper part on the pot
5. Add cold water into upper part
6. Put lid on the top and wait for cold brewing

Besides cold brewer, DHPO Cold brew coffee maker factory also prepared french press, moka pot, pour over coffee maker and other coffee wares for coffee lovers. Pls view our store for more unique design.




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