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cold brew at-home brewer iced coffee maker


Model No.: CCB500-01A
Product name: Mini Cold brew coffee maker
Description: High borosilicate glass body+304 sls outframe+wooden lid+304SLS plunger
Size: D68*325MM
Capacity: 500ml



Prepare It The Way You Love. This cold brew at-home brewer comes with adjustable water flow functionality is there to help you with preparation of your favorite drink. Control the speed of brewing time and ice water drops for cold brewing. Use your favorite coffee grounds and base your brew time on desired strength.

Superior Quality With DHPO. We are here to offer you only the best quality products designed to make your life easier and more fun. DHPO helps you to have a good drinking habit. Use this cold brew at-home brewer everyday, you could save money which you used to spent on coffee shop.

Have good drinking coffee. Instead of pouring a bunch of grounds into water and letting it sit, the cold brew at-home coffee maker lets water drip through the grounds using gravity. You fill coarse ground coffee into coffee powder bin. Below the grounds is a steel mesh filter. After you dampen those grounds, put a paper filter on top, and place the container into the glass carafe. Fill up the top section with water and ice, then twist the knob in the center to slow or speed up the drip.  With this iced coffee brewer, you can make smooth cold brew with any type of coffee grounds and is less acidic than traditional coffee brewing.


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