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Coffee v60 pour over coffee maker set


Easy to use. Just wait until you taste the difference when you make a cup of joe with this Coffee v60 pour over coffee maker set. This coffee maker kit comes with a V60 dripper and serving pot. High quality material, built to last coffee maker set. These are not cheap, low-grade coffee supplies. We want you to make your gourmet coffee with the best. The Coffee v60 pour over coffee maker set’s material is food-grade ceramic.


Worth buying coffee maker. This ceramic version offers a stylish design available in several colours, which make a perfect decoration of every kitchen. Furthermore, it is characterized by a very good level of heat keeping. Its conical form and special grooves on the inside of the dripper provide excellent water flow. To prepare delicious coffee you need freshly ground coffee of high quality, a filter, your favourite cup or server and scales. Put the filter in the dripper and put it on the vessel that you use for serving coffee. The infusion process takes only 3 – 4 minutes.


Good gift idea for coffee enthusiasts. Anyone that enjoys a cup, or three, of coffee during their day will be ecstatic to receive this pour over coffee maker set as a gift.  Therefore, we pack all items in a stylish gift box so that it is suitable for gift giving.


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