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Coffee v60 dripper ceramic coffee brewer


Safe for Dishwasher: This Coffee v60 dripper adopts high-temperature reinforced ceramic material, safe for boiling hot water and dishwasher. Ceramic is one of the best material for coffee and tea brewing, DHPO always concern your body healthy. We have seven colors of this dripper. They are black, gray, white, red, yellow, blue, green. No matter you like bright color or low-key colors, you will find it here.


Solid & Durable: Unlike other plastic filter holder, Coffee v60 dripper with flat bottom can stand steadily on top of mugs or kettles. And high-fired ceramic is very durable material. The Hario V60 dripper, also called cup dripper is one of the best coffee drippers out there. The bigger V60 02 size is preferred by cafes and baristas to brew 1 to 6 cups (depending on your cup size). The ceramic V60 drippers retain the heat very well and they produce more extraction than the flannel filter thanks to its innovative design.


Multifunctional use: Portable and reusable ceramic coffee dripper hand made coffee brewer, nice for your daily coffee maker. It is easy to clean and you can take it anywhere because of the compact size. Besides, this is an exquisite gift for coffee lovers and family baristas.



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