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Coffee storage canister set stainless steel



The Importance of Storing Coffee Beans. When you buy expensive coffee beans, be sure to store them carefully and maintain their freshness. This will help you brew the best flavored coffee. People used to use ceramic jars for storage. But it is easier for us to use stainless steel Coffee storage canister because you don’t need to worry if you will drop it to the floor and broke.

Airtight Silicone Freshness Seal. Fitted with a wider silicone ring that stays in place as well as a one-way exhaust valve to release carbon dioxide our storage for coffee not only protects your coffee but helps extend freshness for better taste and aroma.

Stainless-Steel Craftsmanship. Boasting a smooth, sleek look with no sharp edges or corners this Coffee storage canister for coffee and sugar offers a more stylish look to match your modern, farmhouse, or boho style kitchen. There are 7 colors in stock, this storage for coffee is a good gift for coffee lovers.

Date Setting Feature. This storage for coffee is designed with a calendar tracker wheel at the top that can be operated by rotating the numbers to monitor the freshness of how long your newly ground beans last.


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