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Coffee scale with timer for hand brew coffee



Coffee scale features. It can grasp the coffee extraction value. It is not only a ccommon weighter, but it also match with TARE function, with timer, alarm clock, low power/overload reminder. This is a very professional scale for fresh coffee. It use with NO.7 battery and you don’t need to be frusrated with cords, and you could take it anywhere. A good tools for manual coffee and enjoy coffee outdoors.

Awesome accuracy. Multifunction eletric scale equipped with high precision sensors and liquid Measurement technology, provide you accurate measurements from 0.1g up to 2kg(The initial minimum weight is 0.5G). Perfect for the volume of liquid measuring such as coffee or tea, home cooking, baking, and food portioning.

Superior materials. Constructed with high-quality material, this digital kitchen scale is ultra compact and low-profile but fairly durable. Note: The surface of the scale panel is waterproof, but be careful to prevent liquid from entering the gaps in the body and the charging port. Included a silicone insulation waterproof pad. This scale integrates with 4 advanced buttons for easy operation a large back light LCD screen that displays weights in grams. With function of auto timing, this coffee scale makes it easier and more convenient for making and boiling coffee. Perfect tools to match v60 dripper coffee maker and pour over coffee maker as a professional coffee kit.


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