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Coffee pour over kit ceramic dripper and mug


Good coffee maker in kitchen. We get it, you want pour over coffee in the comfort of your kitchen. And sometimes you want to only make a cup of coffee for yourself and don’t want to waste more coffee in a pot. So, this coffee pour over kit for one is suitable for you. A thoughtful design dripper pulse brewing to evenly water your coffee bed and achieve the perfect bloom.

Package and Capacity. This coffee pour over kit including elegance, convenience and fresh brewed taste, which includes a porcelain pour-over cone and a matching 450ml porcelain mug with a wooden handle. It is an excellent gift for coffee lovers and appreciators of great design. Therefore, this is a great gift set for small kitchens, for birtyday gift, house warming and Christmas and New Year.

Daily coffee for work. Imagine a world where you push a button, then get in the shower and change dress and ready for work. You entre office and start to make coffee for yourself with our pour-over coffee kit. Just after few minutes, office fill with the rich aroma of coffee. Your coffee is waiting for you! You can pour it into your ceramic coffee mug and caffeine already pulsing through your veins and making your mind sharper when you sit down at your desk.


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