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Coffee maker french press 600ml coffee pot


Model No.: CPA600-02A
Product name: Ceramic French press
Description: ceramic pot+wooden lid+304 SLS plunger
Size: D85*H171MM
Capacity: 600ml


Wake up in the morning, your mind is not so clear, you need coffee! But you don’t have too much time for making coffee, always in a hurry, right? Then a coffee maker french press helps you a lot. French press is great for busy weekday mornings. It’s the perfect solution for multitaskers who want rich, flavorful coffee — but don’t want to stand over a pour-over brewer. It’s also ideal for those who seek a relatively hands-off way to make a smaller batch of brew.

Easy to use. Brew a batch of coffee following the instructions. Brew a batch of coffee following a 1:16 ratio of grams of coffee to water and the following method.
1. Preheat the Coffee maker french press because it is ceramic material, preheat it then it could keep the warm coffee for longer time.
2. Use a stainless steel kettle and pour all the water to the (slightly finer than “coarse”) coffee grounds at once. (If you don’t have a manual grinder, you must try this DHPO manual grinder!)
3. Being sure to saturate the coffee, stirring 5 times, and then steeping for 4 minutes before plunging slowly.

After each drink, clean the brewer and its components by hand or by dishwasher.

Additional information

Weight 1.05 kg
Dimensions 24 × 22 × 12 cm


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