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Coffee hand grinder portable design manual grind



Luxury coffee grinder. The DHPO Canton Towder coffee hand grinder delivers a high-end experience in portable, manual coffee hand-grinders. Featuring extraordinary precision and reliability in producing the expected grind size ideal for brewing espresso and can comfortably grind for filter style coffee time and time again. We use a reuseable EVA gift box to pack this grinder, it is well protected by thick foam.

6 aixs grinder. It’s the finest high end Coffee hand grinder we’ve ever seen to enter the market. So darn adjustable that you’ll be able to get extremely precise grinding with less fines and more flavour. It’s going to squeeze the flavour from your beans. The most important part of a grinder and the part that affect the end product the most, are the burrs. There are already so many excellent hand grinders on the market. If we want to improve the ritual and the end product, we have to focus on the burrs. This grinder comes with 6 aixs CNC conical burr which could grind coffee bean evenly and seprate the shell from coffee bean. By reducing the fines of ground coffee we also reduce the possibility of a clogged brew, thus minimising over extraction and bitterness in the cup.

Multifunctional design. This grinder can be used widely. You could use it for make finer coffee for espresso, moka coffee or coarser coffee for V60 pour over, french press coffee. So it is a good gift option for coffee lovers.



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