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Coffee grinder 30g large capacity manual grind



Precision grind. One may think that just because the coffee is hand-ground the quality and consistency of the grind is not as good as an electric machine ground coffee. This is in many cases false. The level of precision that you can reach with some of the manual burr grinders on the market today is top draw and rivals even some of the best commercial coffee grinders on the market. For example this coffee grinder manual grind comes with 6 aixs conical burr, which could grind evenly and seprate the shell from coffee bean.

Compact size. Believing in sense and simplicity, this manual stainless steel grinder is compact and light enough to carry while traveling. It is portable and no electricity required. This coffee grinder comes with foldable handle so could save space when we don’t use it.

Scratch-resistant shell. This modern coffee grinder is mainly made of scratch-resistant aluminum alloy. So it can work for a long time without losing its functional qualities and appearance. And the aluminum alloy appearance makes this product looks high-end and elegent.

Flexible adjustment. This manual stainless steel coffee grinder is equipped with a sharp and adjustable abrader. Moreover, it is quiet when grinding coffee beans. So you could use it to grind coffee powder for french press, pour over, moka pot and so on.


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