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Coffee grinder mini hand coffee grinder amazon



High Quality. Made of 304 brushed stainless steel. Which is food safety, healthy material for you. Not worry about rust. The crank is strong and sturdy and just the right length to give you enough leverage to make grinding easy. This Coffee grinder mini is a hand-made coffee appliance you can’t miss.

Very lightweight design. This Coffee grinder mini is little hand coffee mill. Capacity 20g for 3-4 people, it is lightweight and portable to pop in your luggage without eating up too much room to travel, hotel, go hiking or camping. The manual grinder does not require any power support, so when you want to drink coffee, you can easily grind the coffee powder you want anytime, anywhere.

Unique design, good price design. With a good conical burr, the price of the grinder will be higher. In the past, the entire body of our grinder was made of space aluminum, which was very high-end, but some customers reported that they would like to have a more favorable price. Therefore, we design this coffee grinder amazon, main body is made of aluminum and container is made of PVC. Ensure the advantages of grinding and reduce costs, isn’t it a good news? If you are a specialty coffee seller and you want to enlarge your market, you could find more coffee wares. Such as coffee maker, kettle, scale, teapot, tea mug and so on.


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