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Coffee grinder manual grind for specialty coffee



Materials of high quality. This Coffee grinder manual is made of Alumium alloy for outside and S 136 stainless steel for inside. So it is very easy to clean and can serve for a long time without losing its modern appearance.

Better conical burr. For some other grinders, they use tanium coated burrs designed for grinding fine for espresso, this was a bit of a problem for coarser brew methods and often produced a lot of fines across the board which results in a less clean coffee. Our Coffee grinder manual comes with E&B burrs (espresso and brew) that are now designed not only to produce the fine grounds that are needed for espresso but also a more consistent mid to coarse range of grind size with fewer fines. Therefore, you could use this grinder to match with moka pot or french press pot.

Retro color. Compared with the single color of coffee grinder in the market, this coffee bean grinder has seven colors for option,including black,white,red, yellow, green, blue and gray. You can choose the color you like, to have a better coffee brewing experience.

Portable design. This coffee bean grinder is a compact size, packed in a premium and recyclable EVA box. So it is easy to carry, and allow us to enjoy fresh coffee whenever and wherever we are.


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