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Coffee grinder burr conical manual coffee tool



Keep the flavor of coffee. The Coffee grinder burr will not generate heat during grinding. So the flavor of the ground powder will not be affected. Most electric grinders operate at a high speed during grinding. And the friction of high-speed operation will slightly increase the temperature of the coffee powder in short time. So may change the taste of the coffee. So use this grinder to grind coffee powder to make coffee with french press or pour over or cold brew.

Portable design, save space. For those with insufficient space or low budget, Coffee grinder burr have the advantages of being smaller and cheaper than electric grinders. Like electric grinders, hand grinders also come in various shapes and sizes, and are distributed in a variety of different price bands. However, advanced hand burr coffee grinder are much cheaper than electric grinders of the same level, and It also takes up less space.

Easy Clean and Carry. A clean hand coffee grinder is a must-have to ensure excellent flavor. This is why we require our grinder is easy to clean besides its superior performance. It is easy to disassemble and reassemble, comes with a quality cleaning brush. We use an EVA case with thick padding foam to pack this grinder, so it is very safe and portable.


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