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Coffee gooseneck kettle 304 stainless steel



Designed by DHPO. This Coffee gooseneck kettle comes with stainless steel body, wooden lid and wooden handle. All materials are food safty, eco-friendly. The venting holes effectively discharge the steam to not harm the users with hot steam. The user-friendly design can be inserted into a thermometer to measure the water temperature at any time. So DHPO provides high quality products and excellent service, embracing a healthy, environmental lifestyle. And vigorously promotes the Chinese culture, contributes better lives to millions of families and helps them realize a happy life.

Precise Pouring. The Coffee gooseneck kettle‘s precision pour spout is a special designe for the optimal pour-over flow rate. The confortable grip wooden handle helps keep your pour steady, handle moves the center of mass back towards your hand – encouraging a more comfortable, slower pour. Then pair our pour over coffee maker for the perfect brew.

Unique Leak-Proof Design: The spout of this Coffee gooseneck kettle is consistent and high strength laser welding, no need to worry leaking no matter how long you use it. And it is dripless design spout. Unique gooseneck spout design Make the extraction more adequate, so it can control the amount of water and the stability of the flow rate, don’t splash, don’t waste coffee powder.


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