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coffee dripper set ceramic mug coffee maker


Have fun with hand brew coffee. To make pour-over coffee, a dripper is placed on a cup or carafe and start to pour hot water (at around 200 degrees) into pre-measured coffee grounds, which are then filtered into a cup or carafe. You can adjust the speed of the pour, swirl technique, amount of water, amount of grounds, size of grounds and type of filter to reach your favorite flavor profile. Here we prepare this coffee dripper set for hand brew coffee new starter, luxury quality but with affordable price.

Outstanding coffee maker set. Sure, at first glance the coffee dripper set looks pretty much the same as the other coffee drippers you saw. But it doesn’t take long to discover that the nuances of its design lead to a superior brew and outstanding appearance. Firstly, the dripper is matte effect from appearance because our special formula glaze on ceramic. Secondly, the extra thick ceramic wall keep the warm temperature longer during pour-over coffee processing. Last but not least, the design of the iron frame to support the dripper makes the whole brewing process more ornamental. You can watch the coffee drop into the cup.

Worry free purchase. DHPO provides a 365 days goods exchange service. If you have any problem with our products’ quality, you can get new products as replacement.


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