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Coffee canister stainless steel coffee jar



Use whole coffee bean make good coffee. The beans themselves are the best vessel for protecting the quality of the coffee. Once you’ve broken the beans—and that vessel—with a grinder, the coffee oxidizes rapidly. You want to grind it right before you brew. Fresh-ground coffee has more of its inherent aromatics preserved, and you’ll get a sweeter, livelier cup. With high-quality specialty coffees, that’s really what you’re paying for. When you buy good coffee bean, you must have a good coffee canister to storage them.
Durable & contemporary. These stylish, 3 different sizes as a set, airtight coffee beans or grounds storage Coffee canister made from durable steel will enhance your kitchen space and fit with both modern and traditional decor. This airtight coffee container looks beautiful and very practical. It is not only for coffee, you could also use it to storage tea, suger and other nuts.

Airtight lids. Airtight lids enable you to storage coffee beans or grounds well, the airtight which are kept fresh and dry due to the silicone gaskets and locking clamps. With this sealing ring, you don’t have to worry about contamination of your expensive coffee beans.

Premium material.  DHPO stainless steel airtight coffee container are crafted from food grade stainless steel and the airtight lids are BPA free with a long-lasting silicone seal to keep your favorite brew fresh.


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