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Coffee bean hand grinder Amazon best seller



Large capacity. The capacity of this best Coffee bean hand grinder has increased from 20g to 30g which which allows you to grind more coffee beans one time. Enough coffee powder is suitable for brewing different types of coffee. Like a 450ml pot of delicious coffee made by french press coffee maker or pour-over coffee maker.

Low grinding loss rate. We know that if the quality of the grinder and conical burr is not good, it will easily cause the loss of coffee powder during the grinding process. But after our test, using this grinder, 30g coffee beans can finally grind 29.8g coffee powder. The grinding loss rate is only 0.6%. This is very good news for users who have bought very expensive coffee beans.

Cost-effective grinder. This Coffee bean hand grinder is a first class product in both quality and functionality with a reasonable price. This manual coffee grinder has similar functionality (High hardness stainless steel blade, Excellent particle size uniformity,dual bearings, adjustable roughness) with other far more expensive manual coffee grinders for the same purposes.It applies to all types of brewing methods. Most of the users were impressed with the quality, ease and speed of grinding.

Premium gift box. This best hand coffee grinder comes with premium EVA case, not only the appearance is high-end, but also has a strong protection function. If you want to buy a gift for coffee lovers, this grinder is a good option. The EVA box can also be used as a storage box as well.


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