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coffee bean grinder aluminum alloy manual grinder



Large conical burr. The 38mm stainless steel conical burrs are the biggest selling point for the DHPO coffee bean grinder. The large burrs for a coffee bean grinder means coffee can be ground in record time, almost faster than some electric burr grinders. The grinder also is equipped with bearings inside the mechanism to lighten your effort when grinding even more. The design is round, bigger for top and bottom and narrow for middle, this shape is comfortable to grib. And the ergonomic wooden ball handle makes the whole process smoother.

Soundlessness grinding. Have you ever been in the situation where you’re up super early and (obviously) in need of a coffee and had the predicament of making a coffee but risking waking people up with the sound of a noisy electric coffee grinder? You don’t need to worry about noisy when you use a manual coffee grinder. Besides, the slow speed ensures that the coffee aroma will not be lost too fast. Therefore, you could use the manual grinder to grind coffee powder for your morning coffee, no matter you prefer to use moka pot or french press pot to make coffee.

High quality materials. There are different materials have been used to make Manual coffee grinders. Such as Aluminum alloy, stainless steel or plastic, glass, wood and ceramic coffee. We use Aluminum alloy for this grinder, so it is very durable and you could use it for decades.


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