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Clever coffee dripper V60 pour over coffee


Matched Varies Coffee Wares. This Clever coffee dripper V60 pour over coffee  comes with a ceramimc stand, so it can match with different kinds of coffee mugs, and it can also match other kinds of coffee serving pot. Such multiple match is worth to get one.

Suitable for Home and Office.  With its small size and multiple usage, this elegant Clever coffee dripper V60 pour over coffee is suitable for home and office. Installed with a handle which can keep you away from hot and give you comfort in hand, it is absolutely a portable and thoughtful coffee ware.

Best Gift. This Coffee dripper ceramic v60 dripper is a perfect and great gift. It is not only with bright-coloured style, but also with multifunctional quality. For coffee lovers, this would be a thoughtful gift. The brewer now is one of the most recognizable icons of delicious manually brewed coffee. Because of its widewhile use in both home and cafe, this brewe is accessibility trusted by pros and enthusiasts.


For coffee lovers, DHPO prepared a lot of coffee wares. There are 7 colors for this dripper. You can select any color you like from black, gray, white, red, yellow, blue, green. Besides, you can also use this dripper as gift for your friends. We use a premium gift box with thick padding foam inside to pack this product.


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