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Ceramic v60 set coffee dripper and mug


Ceramic v60 set is perfect. We need to preheat the ceramic dripper filter cup in advance, because the temperature will decrease when the water touches the ceramic surface. However, the advantage of ceramics is that it can maintain the temperature for a long time after heating once, which is suitable for winter use. In addition, the ceramic filter cup is also compatible with ceramic coffee cup perfectly. If you like other ceramic coffee wares, you will find more surprises in DHPO store.

Single hole dripper. Generally, coffee beans with medium roasting degree use this Ceramic v60 set dripper with single hole. The groove extends to the entire body of the filter cup. The flow rate is faster, and the brewed coffee tastes brighter and clean. It is a highly recommended coffee filter. Most of the players in various hand-pushed competitions also use V60 drippers with single hole.

Big mouth dripper. And the big mouth at the bottom of the filter cup will not allow the coffee to be over-extracted, and other styles dripper will easily cause over-extraction when deposited on the bottom. V60 is very suitable for coffee with clear, fruity, fruity or floral aromas. For example, coffees from Kenya, Costa Rica and Ethiopia are suitable for brewing with V60.


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