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Ceramic v60 coffee pour-over maker set


Brew like a barista. DHPO professional ceramic v60 coffee pour-over coffee maker set allows you have full control of the coffee brewing process, you could adjust the coffee ground, temperature, pour speeds and ratios, which has endless fun to engineer your perfect cup of coffee. There are a v60 dripper and a ceramic cup in this set with premium gift box package. This kind of packaging is very safe during transportation. Besides, The gift box packaging also makes this product a great gift-giving option. The package box will well protect this ceramic products, no damage, no complant. And this compact size gift box saves shipping costs. For e-commerce sellers, it can save shipping costs.

Slow drip reserves rich flavor. Delivers slower dripping and superb extraction rate with single hole coffee drip design, reserves full rich coffee flavor with floral or fruit flavor notes. And this Ceramic v60 coffee pour-over is suitable for coffees from Kenya, Costa Rica and Ethiopia because of the big mouth at the bottom. The big mouth will not allow the coffee to be over-extracted. This dripper and coffee mug is very easy to clean because of the ceramic material. So you don’t have to worry about the coffee residues on the coffee utensils.


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