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Ceramic tea mug filter stainless steel infuser tea cup



The easiest way to make tea. Use this Ceramic tea mug filter to make easy with simple way. Make a hot cuppa using the tea infuser that brews your loose tea right inside the 15 ounce tea cup. This tea brewing mus is the best way to brew a single cup of your favorite loose leaf tea. This simple and elegant design has no moving parts, easy to-clean and has an indestructible infuser. A must have for every day tea drinkers and great for the office. This will become your go-to mug because its easy and fun to use. Who said loose tea was hard!

The tea infuser. This Ceramic tea mug filter features 304 SLS tea strainer. With this simple brewing system, brew your loose tea in the infuser which fits right on the rim of the cup. There is no need for any other tea ware, except a teaspoon to measure out the tea. The food-grade stainless steel infuser completely covers the top of the cup. So when you’re adding the loose tea into the infuser not one stray leaf will fall into the tea mug. The over-sized infuser is deep and wide. The generous proportions of the infuser is perfect for larger leaves which require more space to open up to give you maximum flavor. The hundreds of laser cut micro holes along the side and bottom of the infuser allows maximum water circulation. The tiny holes keep the finest leave inside the infuser particles making a clear cup of tea.

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