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Ceramic pour-over coffee maker dripper set


DIY COFFEE WITH FUN. This Ceramic pour-over coffee maker comes with a large single hole of the filter cone brew quickly & smoothly, a perfect balance between seep and flow, you can change coffee taste according the speed of water flow and control how strong the coffee is by the amount of coffee powder, fineness of the grind, temperature and amount of water, so your coffee is brewed just the way you like it.

STAYS HOT. Material of thisCeramic pour-over coffee maker is ceramic. Ceramic is a great heat preserver. Ceramic funnel and mug keep coffee hot longer than regular pour-over sets. This ceramic drip pourover coffee maker gives you control over brewing temperature. Pot has a wooden handle to allow easy and safe handling.

WONDERFUL GIFT for COFFEE LOVERS. The ceramic drip pourover coffee maker are must-have among coffee accessories and make great coffee gift for coffee lovers and at-home baristas. High quality premium package box guarantee safe delivery. What’s more, also offer a nicer presentation in case you’re giving it as a gift. The porcelain coffee pot with pourover is good hands-on brewing allowing. Every time they brew favourite coffee with great interesting, they will think of the nice of you.


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