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Ceramic mug 230ml small capacity coffee wares



Fine Dining. Ceramic mug and cups are quite elegant and appealing to look at. When matched with the perfect houseware items such as saucers, plates and utensils they create an atmosphere like no other. Think about the times you are setting the breakfast table, your set up would be incomplete without fine ceramic mugs or cups.

Comfort and Experience. Ceramic mug is typically used in the comfort of our homes and makes for a great afternoon tea time experience. We create and reserve a particular time of the day where we can relax and enjoy our great brew in our favorite mugs. No matter for coffee lover or tea lover, this will be your good choice. Most of us use this for alone time, while some use it for indulging in beautiful conversations with others. If you want to have nice coffee brewing experience, you can but either french press coffee maker or pour over coffee maker at DHPO store.

Enjoy your time. Whatever you use the time for, you must admit, you enjoy it ten times better while using your favorite ceramic mug. Ceramic mugs simply bring a feeling of elegance and warmth that allows you to enjoy wonderful moments and unexplainable feelings of pleasure.


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