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Ceramic mug with tea infuser for wholesale and retail



Mug for loose-leaf tea. When making a cup of tea, the first decision you make is choosing between bagged or loose-leaf tea. While the bagged variety might be popular, thanks to its ease of use and simple disposal. This method creates extra waste and doesn’t allow as much flavor as using an infuser filled with loose leaves. If you’re a tea enthusiast, it’s worth having an infuser at home to create that perfect soothing cup at the beginning (or end) of the day. Consider to have this Ceramic mug with tea infuser will made your day.

Stainless steel tea infuser. This Ceramic mug with tea infuser is designed for steeping loose leaf teas. Depending on which variety of tea you buy, you’ll put anywhere from half a teaspoon to a rounded teaspoon of tea into your infuser, then either seal it up and place it in your mug or dip the basket down into the mug. Top it off with hot water, give it a few minutes to steep, and you’ll be rewarded with a fresh tasting tea. To clean a tea infuser, scrape the moist leaves out of the infuser (give it a few shakes), then run cool water through it. You can use a dishcloth and soap and water to rinse off any residual tea. For dried-on or clumped leaves, you can use a small brush, like a toothbrush, to scrape loose the tea. Dry and store the infuser until you need it again.

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