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Ceramic french press 600ml coffee maker


Model No.: CPA600-02A
Product name: Ceramic French press
Description: ceramic pot+304 SLS plunger+wooden lid
Size: D85*H171MM
Capacity: 600ml


A good coffee brewing way. If you like full-bodied and flavorful coffee, a Ceramic french press should be your go-to brewing method. A French press is a manual coffee maker with a cylindrical carafe, a plunger and a built-in filter that percolates the coffee. It uses just-boiled water to steep coarse grinds for about four minutes. This approach is more gentle than drip coffee-making or stovetop brewing methods that heat the water very hot and sometimes scald the beans. With a French press, coffee also doesn’t sit on a warming plate after brewing so it doesn’t continue to “cook” and turn bitter.

Make coffee with french press. A Ceramic french press makes coffee by immersing ground coffee in hot water and then separating the grounds from the coffee by pressing down the filter. Wait a minutes? Not clear enough. Ok, follow the steps, you will get your cup of coffee!

1. Preheat the pot so that it could the coffee warm for longer time.
2. Add coarse ground coffee grinded by manual coffee grinder.
3. Pour hot water and stir gently, make sure coffee grounds are in contact with water evenly.
4. Hold the handle of pot firmly, then press the plunger down slowly.
5. Enjoy freshly brewed coffee with your favorite coffee mug.

Additional information

Weight 1.05 kg
Dimensions 22.5 × 23.5 × 12.5 cm


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