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Ceramic dripper coffee set for coffee roaster


ORIGINAL and OUTSTANDING DESIGN: Exquisite handmade Ceramic dripper coffee set is good tactile and more natural, covered with matt glaze, minimalist style artistic coffee ware. Satisfy the taste of appreciators for amazing design.


Pour over coffee is more aroma. Due to the differences in the brewing processes, pour overs tend to create more flavor than regular drip coffee. Because the brewing process takes longer for pour over, the water has more time to pull the flavors and oils from the coffee grounds. As a result, you can expect the flavor to have more clarity and be more robust.


HEALTHY and ECO-FRIENDLY. Lead and cadmium free, BPA free, don’t worry pouring hot water over fine ceramic day in and day out. This Ceramic dripper coffee set is safe and healthy for daily use, care for your coffee time.


EXCELLENT THERMAL PERFORMANCE: This ceramic drip coffee set is well known for ceramic great heat preservation & high-temperature resistance, high-fired ceramic V60 drip retains heat well than others to help ensure a constant temperature throughout the brewing cycle and all of the flavor from the beans will be delivered to your cup, coffee will not go cool down quickly. Ceramic cone helps to better accentuate coffees with floral or fruit flavor note.


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