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Ceramic drip coffee set with V60 dipper and 550ml server


Advantages of pour over coffee. Those who try a well-prepared cup of pour-over coffee for the first time are often blown away by how much they can actually taste. Pour-over coffee made with freshly ground, high-quality beans reveal a depth of flavor that most other brewing methods simply can’t achieve. Not only that, but the coffee continues to become more complex as it cools. Let’s take a look at the advantages of the pour-over method. Firstly, produces consistent coffee that’s clean, well-balanced and complex. Secondly, cost is usually very affordable. Thirdly, suitable for travel or camping — these don’t take up much room, and you don’t need electricity to use Ceramic drip coffee set.

Easy to use. Just wait until you taste the difference when you make a cup of joe with this Ceramic drip coffee set. This coffee maker kit comes with a V60 dripper and serving pot. High quality material, built to last. These are not cheap, low-grade coffee supplies. We want you to make your gourmet coffee with the best. The V60 pour over coffee mAker set are made from food-grade ceramic. This popular high-fired ceramic V60 coffee pour over set is reusable, and because of its durabliy, it can serve for a long time without losing its functional quality and appearance.

Besides this product, tea pot for tea lovers. We also prepared french press, moka pot, pour over coffee maker and other coffee wares for coffee lovers. Pls view our store for more unique design.


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