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Burr coffee grinder manual grind coffee grinder



Adjustable grinding. DHPO  Burr coffee grinder comes with built-in an adjustable grind selector with over 12 click settings ensures you have 100% precise control over the coarseness of your pour over, drip, cold brew, French press, percolator, Espresso, perfect grind every time!

Durable efficient burr. Fixed with dual bearing design, the 38mm stainless steel conical burr manual burr coffee grinder makes the grinding process more detailed and the coffee powder more uniform. The ergonomically designed crank handle provides a easy and smooth grind, and consistently eliminates noise.

Easy to clean. A simple twist can separate the parts for general cleaning, no tool needed! The aluminium alloy surface will avoid ground coffee sticking, a small brush is enough to clean it up. So after you use this Burr coffee grinder, you can clean it easily and keep it clean all the time.

DHPO original design. An original product is a long and arduous process from design to research and development, from zero to something. A product may need to integrate more than ten suppliers and dozens of different processing techniques. They may experience dystocia, the scrutiny and overthrow of every process detail. Even they may not be perfect, but we will try our best to be responsible for each product, for each customer, and strive to be close to perfection.


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