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Best pour-over coffee maker coffee dripper set


V60 Dripper Filter. This is the best pour-over coffee maker with a coffee dripper is at a 60° angle, a large hole provides the ultimate freedom. Internal spiral design assists in making the water turn during the drawdown. You can choose your ideal consistence, brew time and temperature, ensuring a perfect cup of coffee flows through the cone directly into your cup or coffee pot.

Ceramic mug for coffee and tea. Is there anyone like me who likes to collect different ceramic mus? Drink coffee in your favorite cup and feel the aroma is stronger. I like ceramic cups, probably because it always gives me a feeling that I can rely on. And it has a lot of weight in my hand. If it is a glass cup, I think it is too fragile and I am always feel worry about breaking it. Plastic cups are not easy to break, but I am always feel worry about that it will release chemicals and is not environmentally friendly. Best pour-over coffee maker is ceramic dripper and ceramig mug.

High-end brand coffee maker. DHPO‘s slogan is AFFORDABLE LUXURY COFFEE WARES. The materials we choose are high quality, food safty. Our quality control is also very strict, and the appearance of defects is not allowed. Because we follow the brand’s quality concept, excellent products are made by excellent people. It is precisely because we insist on high-end quality, our agents can obtain higher profits when selling our products. And there are no customer complaints. If you are also looking for a high-quality specialty coffee brewing utensil brand to cooperate, welcome to contact our sales team.



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